Standing Match Rules (2016)


South Fork Rifle Club

1085 Washington Ave. Sidman, Pa. 15955



Factory Sporter – Rifle must have original barrel, stock and action. No modifications or accurizing except stock bedding or trigger work, safety must work. Recrowning only if original crown is worn. Any power scope is allowed. Targets will only be scored at 100 and 300 yards. Shooter may only shoot at 500 yards if they are playing poker. Ties will be broken by reverse score if still a tie closest to center on 300 yard target will break tie. If still tied pot split.  Any handgun may shoot in this class.  No sticker.

Factory Varmint – Rifle must be original factory varmint. Barrel, stock and action must be original. No modifications or accurizing except stock bedding and / or trigger work, safety must work. Recrowning only if original crown is worn. Any power scope allowed. Rifles must be common mass produced in ALL factory classes. Yellow sticker.

Factory Super Stock – Designated rifles that are exempt from Factory Varmint. No accurizing, changing of stocks, or metal work allowed. Nothing added to the stock, action or barrel. Only bedding or trigger work allowed to be done. No modifications to the rifle other than those stated. Any power scope allowed. (Savage 12 LRPV, 12 F CLASS, 12 BR, Remington 40X, are some examples, rifles must be mass produced.    Green sticker.                  

Factory.223 Class - All rifles must be original Factory rifles with no modifications or accurizing done except stock bedding and trigger work. Safety must work.   Caliber must be 223 Remington. White sticker.

 AR CLASS- 223 caliber semi auto rifles. Limited to 6X scope or open sights. Targets at 100 and 300 yards same as Sporter. Shooter must have brass catcher/ deflector and a chamber flag to show rifle is locked open and clear. We can tape a variable power scope to 6X. No sticker.

Light Unlimited - any customized rifle 14 lbs. or lighter. Custom barrel, custom stock, custom twist or accurizing done to rifle.  Any scope and any trigger are allowed. And any rifle determined by Match Director to be in this class. Blue sticker.

Heavy Unlimited - any customized rifle over 14 lbs. but max weight of 20 lbs. Custom barrel, custom stock, custom twist or any accurizing done to the rifle. Any scope and any trigger are allowed. And any rifle determined by the Match Director to be in this class. Red sticker.

Junior Class

FEE-$ 3.00 PER GUN
Shooters10 to 16 years’ of age may compete in this class. Shooters may use any rifle that the junior can safely use. Adult may assist the junior shooter for safety reasons only. Talking on the line will be limited to instruction only. Junior shooters will shoot 100-300 yards only for score.

 RANGE & Equipment:
There is a 12' X 55' covered firing line with 15 cement shooting benches. Limited area on firing line for equipment storage.
Shooters must bring their own seat. Front rifle rest and bags (1 or 2) and a non-adjustable rear sand bag allowed. Hunting style bi-pods are allowed. F CLASS BI-PODS ARE NOT LEGAL.
No one piece rifle rests (front rest cannot be connected to rear rest). Rifle must freely move vertically out of front rest or if bi-pod must lift freely.
You cannot build a bed out of sand bags. Factory guns may not have anything attached to stocks to fit in rests. No Spotting Scopes, binos or coaching of shooters. No calling shots for other shooters. Talking limited to safety issues. Open areas for use of e-z ups and portable tables. No bolts in rifles until instructed to do so on the firing line. Except AR rifles with chamber clear flags installed.  Equipment questions will be answered by the Match Director ask before you use!

No alcoholic beverages will be permitted on club property. EYE and EAR protection is required. Bolts will be removed from your rifle at all times. The range officer will give the command to install your bolt, if you cannot remove your bolt, you must have a safety flag in your chamber. When you are finished firing remove your bolt. Any semi-auto rifles must have a brass catcher/ deflector. No smoking on the firing line. Talking will be limited by shooters during the match.

We will shoot 100, 300 and 500 yards.
Our groundhog target will have a white bull’s eye with scoring rings in the center and printed on light cardboard. Scoring rings on the 100 yard target will be smaller than the 300 and 500 yard targets.
All Sunday matches will start at 9:00 A.M.  Registration begins at 8:00AM. Benches may be bought for the season. Contact Joe If interested.
Scales are available at each match. Range Officers may ask to weigh any gun at any time.
All relays will shoot at the 100-yard target first,1 fouler shot, 5 shots in 6 minutes for score, 300 yard target will be shot next, with 5 shots in 6 minutes.
Followed by the 500-yard target, with 5 shots in 6 minutes. You may only take the required ammo to the bench with you.

100 yards 1 sighter / fouler plus 5 rounds for score, 300 yards 5 rounds for score, 500 yards 5 rounds for score. 16 rounds total.

*Except Factory Sporter, AR Class and Junior Class will only shoot 100 and 300 yards unless playing poker. 11 rounds total.

POKER- On the backs of the 500 yard target is a deck of playing cards. As your shots go thru the target it hits a card. No extra ammo is needed. Five shots give you a five card poker hand. Highest hand wins. Cards must be clearly hit with our scorer having final say, shooters do not get benefit of doubt in poker.


Ties will be broken in the reverse order. Factory Sporter and AR Class will also be measured closest to center. If unable to break ties winnings will be split.

Cross Fires will be attempted to be scored, if unable to determine, lowest five shots will be scored. Shooter that fires cross target will get no credit for those shots. Large numbers are displayed at the target frames. Line officers will instruct shooters to locate their target prior to shooting. Match Director will make final decisions on crossfire’s.

Targets are scored by Joe Jr. challenges may be made immediately upon receiving target. Before leaving the building. Scorers’ decisions are final and binding. A line under your score means the target was “eagle eyed” by the scorer. It is the shooters responsibility to make sure the scores are recorded in the proper class. Five days after the match scores are permanent.


If you shoot 2 rifles of the same caliber, and in the same class, we will list the rifles as #1 and #2; or by color of stocks, the scores cannot be combined for awards. If the sign in sheet is not clearly marked gun #1 will be credited with the score for averages. Our season will consist of six matches points will be given for 1st,2nd and 3rd place in each class. Shooter in each class with the most points will be awarded Class Champion plaque. The highest score of the season in each class will awarded High Score plaque, awards will be given at the end of year banquet. Cash prizes paid to shooters at the monthly matches along with place stickers.


If you have six match scores in the same class with the same gun, your name will put into a drawing for a $ 100.00 perfect attendance award. That will be drawn at the end of year banquet. Your name may be only put in once per season.

RANGE OFFICERS:  Ron Gresco, Al Croft, Vinnie Heiss, Joe Reffner. 

   Head Scorer Joe Fox Jr.

TWO Day Champion Ship and Egg Match will be held the last week in September registrations will be accepted at the April match.    

For more info or questions contact Match Director Joe Fox 814-736-8652 or email